The Bull in the mountain looking at it’s farm

Let’s talk about farming

The farming will be centered around our token, BULL, which will have different applications in our ecosystem. You will be able to farm it with different LP pairs and in single assets pools.

The central idea for our farm is to share our profits with our loyal investors. That’s why we have a sharing mechanic in our pools with the BULL LPs. This will give you the opportunity to get the rewards of harvesting BULL plus a share of the fees we got from the non native pools. You will get the rewards as long as you are farming.

The sharing contract will start it’s work after 24hs of launch have passed. The allocated fees will be 1,5% of the 4% we charge. After the first deposit there will be more made every 48hs. The contract calculates how many rewards to give out every time it receives money. So the more you stay, the more rewards you will get!

The BULL emission will be at a fixed and constant rate, modifiable by us (through the Timelock) but not dependent on other factors. There will be a 4% fee on the non native pools and no withdrawal fees. You will only be able to harvest through predetermined intervals but you can withdraw your funds whenever you want.

There will be a referral system so you will be able to invite your friends to the party and get a kickback too! This will be a percentage of what your referrals farm, so the more they farm, the more you get!

Staking Pools

This feature, which is not available in your usual farm, is quite special. We will get a piece of those fees we get from the non native pools, so we don’t have to touch our precious BULL, and use them to give you all the chance to farm some nice tokens like BNB, ETH and even BTC! All of this by using our awesome token BULL. The pools will last 60 days but this might change in the future. We could even get some tokens of new promising projects in need of exposure.

This is all for now, stay tuned for the next in depth article of our other mechanics!

Be Bullish

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